Christah Kalulu

Christah Kalulu


Zambian State House

Christah Kalulu currently serves as the Permanent Secretary, State House in Zambia, and brings to the forum a rich experience in administration from both the public and private sectors.     

Her experience is drawn from prior appointments in city and metropolitan management engagements and central government policy development roles at district and national levels.  Her portfolio also includes the supervision of the Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Unit operations, which have become a key catalyst for achieving the agenda for development in Zambia.



She has served as District Commissioner for Lusaka District before rising to the rank of Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Local Government and Housing. As Permanent Secretary, she was in charge of the departments of administration, government valuation, physical planning and housing, infrastructure development and decentralisation units. She also supervised key institutions, such as local government training facilities, the Local Authority Superannuation Fund, National Housing Authority and all the commercial water utilities throughout the country.

In her role as Chairperson of the Local Government Service Commission she was responsible for the human resource functions and administration of city and municipal councils countrywide.  During her tenure, she embarked on a nationwide staff audit of the councils aimed at streamlining operations and ensuring the proper placement of manpower in approved structures.

Her exposure in both the private and public sector, intertwined with municipal governance attributes have given her the necessary tools to understand the development agenda at policy level and thereby conceptualise the strategies, methods and structures required of PPPs. Christah oversees coordination with contracting authorities in respect of project development and is able to develop and execute marketing activities of available opportunities to both foreign and local investors.


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