Magdalene Apenteng

Magdalene Apenteng

Director, Public Investment

Ministry of Finance, Ghana

Mrs. Magdalene Ewuraesi Apenteng is a Chief Economics Officer and Director responsible for the financial sector division of the Ministry of Finance, Ghana. She is responsible for the oversight supervision and provision of policy guidelines for the financial sector of the economy comprising the banking and non-banking, insurance, securities market and pensions sectors. She also oversees the implementation of innovative development finance schemes and programmes in the financial sector. She is the chairperson of the Technical Committee for the Financial Inclusion Committee which is currently developing the national strategy for Financial Inclusion in Ghana. The division ensures an efficient and effective coordination of the various activities in the different segments of the financial sector. She also served on several boards including the Public Procurement Authority, Ghana Tourism Authority, SIC Life Insurance Company, National Investment Bank and still serves on the board of SIC Life Savings and Loans Company.

She also has skills in project preparation and institutional development procedures for effective project review and development. She  supervised the public investment activties within the Ministry of fInance at its inception and was instrumental in the  the introduction of the  publlic private partnership initiative in Ghana, having worked in close collaboration with key stakeholders.

She also specialised in aid and debt management techniques that enhance aid effectiveness and worked with several organisations and countries including the Commonwealth Secretariat, West African Institute for Economic and Financial Management (WAIFEM), Debt Relief International, World Bank, Crown Agents, MEFMI and provided advisory support to countries including Cameroun, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Suriname, Guyana, Zambia, Uganda, the Gambia and Sierra Leone. 

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