Khalid Bichou

Khalid Bichou

Port and Transport Logistics Advisor and Co-founder


Khalid Bichou is a ports, maritime, and transport logistics consultant with advanced qualifications and over 25 years of international experience including periods in executive positions and as Consultant and Advisor to global carriers and terminal operators, 3PLs, IFIs, insurance and law firms, Governments, and multilateral agencies. Following 17 years of formal international career in the industry, he has operated for the past 9 years as an Independent Consultant. He has been involved in around 120 consulting projects and advisory services in over 100 countries. He has also been active in professional training and capacity building and has designed and delivered over 100 workshops and specialist courses for the ports, maritime and transport logistics industries.

Parallel to his consulting and advisory activities, Dr Bichou has a strong interest in academic research and teaching. He is the co-founder of and adviser to Port Operations, Research and Technology Centre (PORTeC) at Imperial College London and the Global Port Research Alliance (GPRA) between 9 prestigious international universities. He is Visiting Professor at several prestigious universities notably Imperial College London, UCL, City University London, MIT, and Hong Kong Poly U; where he teaches subject courses in graduate and research programmes, undertakes collaborative research and supervises PhD and Masters students. He has published 8 books and over 150 academic papers and policy reports.

Dr Bichou is an international authority in his field and he is regularly called upon to advise private and public bodies. His latest advisory appointments include port advisor the Global Economic Forum, senior transport advisor to European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, ports and maritime transport advisor to the World Bank, specialist port adviser to the UK House of Commons, port supply chain specialist to the UK Trade and Development, transport logistics advisor to the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development, maritime logistics advisor to the MEDA Forum, port policy advisor to the European Parliament, international advisor to the Supply Chain and Logistics Group, and international advisor to the Container Security Laboratory.


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